Sound House 2019: Hot Chip Make Ian Cry

Well,, the guys talk how the band stays fresh after 20 years.

September 26, 2019

Ian is a big fan of British synth-pop mainstays Hot Chip.

No, seriously...he's a REALLY big fan! So it was a dream come true for him to sit down with band multi-instrumentalists Joe Goddard and Felix Martin for an interview at Sound House 2019.

The guys discuss whether their process for creating new music has changed over the band's 20-year history, their eclectic fashion sense; and what X factor helps turn a Hot Chip show into a true Hot Chip experience.

And Ian admits "New God," the closing track on Hot Chip's latest album A Bath Full of Ecstasy, makes him cry.

It affects him so much he almost...ALMOST!...cries in the interview. How can you not love that?

Watch the full interview with Hot Chip -- and check out all of our Sound House 2019 coverage.