Sound House 2019: Rufus Du Sol Talk New Music, Influences

The Australian dance group tell the story of the band's origin

September 26, 2019

Sound House
Tyrone Lindqvist and Jon George of Rufus Du Sol have been touring pretty relentlessly since their release of their latest album Solace last year.

Now, two-thirds of the Australian alternative dance trio say they're ready to start the difficult process of assembling new music for another record.

And did we mention it's pretty difficult?

"We're pretty particular about what we put out. We sit on music for a really long time," Tyrone told Ross Mahoney during the band's interview at Sound House 2019.

During their talk, the guys explain how the band got started, some of their Australian (and Swedish!) influences and how they go about putting together new tracks like the hit "Treat You Better."

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