Pete Wentz Talks Dear Future Self, New Album, Hella Mega Tour with Ross

Fall Out Boy Founder: "We live in the fakest time ever."

October 4, 2019

Pete Wentz is a rock star. Therefore, by the time honored rules of rock, Pete Wentz is always late.

But at least the bassist and founder of Fall Out Boy REALIZES he's always late -- and actually cares about his punctuality.

He hasn't quite figured out how to correct the problem yet, but during his stop to chat with Ross Mahoney in the X107.5 studios, Pete talked about the cat-and-mouse game of trying to be on time, how his management team tries to keep him on time...and how it all never seems to work!

Of course, Pete and Fall Out Boy have bigger fish to fry these days. The band is set to launch their forthcoming compilation album Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die -- Volume Two in November, their new single Dear Future Self (Hands Up) featuring Wyclef Jean just dropped -- and next year, they're teaming up with Green Day and Weezer to hit the road for the sure-to-be-colossal Hella Mega Tour.

After nearly 20 years recording, Wentz has already become an elder statesman of the pop-rock scene, and he told Ross he's thrilled to see the flashes of true artistry and originality coming from some of the youngest emerging talents smashing the charts.

"We live in the fakest time ever because people just do everything for likes on Instagram or whatever. So when people are doing authentic things, it really does cut through," Wentz said. "So whether it's Lorde or Billie Eilish or Post (Malone, who name-checked Fall Out Boy in his track "Wow")...he just kind of does what he likes and says what he likes...This is just a great time to be who you are. I think people are attracted to that."

During their 30-minute chat, Pete talks about enlisting Jean on the new single, the upcoming tour and a whole lot more. Be sure to check out the entire interview above.