Why Chris Martin of Coldplay Can't Watch the 'A Quiet Place' Trailer

It’s all because of a joke that didn’t land

January 16, 2020

Coldplay is planning only a few limited stops to promote their new album, Everyday Life, which arrived in November. Without a tour planned, one of their only performances will be Friday January 17 at 10PM ET / 7PM PT for a special RADIO.COM LIVE event. The band will perform songs from their new double LP and talk about the making of the album.

Watch Coldplay, live from our new HD Radio Sound Space in Los Angeles. You can check out the intimate set here and through the RADIO.COM app.

With very few live performances on the horizon, the band is also only stopping by a few shows to talk about their new project, content to let the music speak for itself. This week’s appearance on Ellen is one of the only television appearances on the schedule for the group, as the band delivered their song “Cry, Cry, Cry” from within the audience and sat down to talk with Ellen DeGeneres.

Chris Martin shared stories about playing a benefit for Ellen, embarrassing his daughter at work, and why he can’t bear to watch the trailer for A Quiet Place.

“When ‘A Quiet Place’ came out I had an idea for a joke afterwards,” Martin smiles. “So I sent Emily Blunt and her husband this idea for the musical of ‘A Quiet Place.’” The video was just the Coldplay singer miming playing the piano and mouthing the words, silently.

“They never replied,” he laughs. “So every time I see that trailer it makes me feel sick. I thought ‘oh no’ they must have thought I was taking the mickey. But I wasn’t. I love the film… but I never heard back.”

It’s not the only embarrassing moment for Martin, who also told Ellen about the time he surprised his daughter Apple at work, by showing up unannounced.

“My daughter works in a clothing store. It’s her first job and she’s about to be 16 and I’m so proud of her,” he explained. Martin stopped by the store and stood in her register line, but when his daughter spotted him she screamed, “Dad, get out.”

“And I felt terrible, so I moved to the other line,” Martin laughs. “I was holding my t-shirt and really scared of my daughter.”

Everyday Life is now available everywhere.

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