Feelings, Nonsense, and Justin Bieber: Hobo Johnson Takes Us Track By Track Through His New Album

Inside the inspiration for ‘The Fall of Hobo Johnson’

November 18, 2019

One of the most exciting surprises of 2019 has been Hobo Johnson. The 24-year-old rapper, poet, singer, scone enthusiast - who took a wave of viral momentum and has turned it into real impact across the music landscape. Through insightful musings and nonsensical situations, the artist packed his latest LP, The Fall of Hobo Johnson, with infectious anthems and a mental workout unlike anyone else this year.

We already know the origin story for Frank Lopes Jr., who took on the name Hobo Johnson after he was kicked out of his parents' house and he began living in his car. His “Peach Scone” video made him internet famous after it was entered into a contest to play NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. He didn’t win, but made his way there anyway with a performance last year. He’s since taken his genre-defying style to new levels, has become real famous, and released his sophomore effort in September.

In the exclusive RADIO.COM interview below, we asked Hobo Johnson to help us through five of our favorite tracks from his latest album, jumping into the mind and the meaning behind some of his songs. From slaying singers to the misunderstood life of Justin Bieber, here’s what he had to say.

“Typical Story”

"The whole point of it at that part was to take these, almost cliché-like stories, and basically twist them a little bit," he says of the opening lines. "It's basically just a bunch of weird random nonsense stories."

"Mover Awayer"

Johnson says "Mover Awayer" is about the feelings after his first real relationship broke down. Also, his chain restaurant game might not be as strong as advertised. "I've never even been to Ruby Tuesday," he admits. "I hope that didn't hurt their business."


"I just felt really ugly growing up, and I just didn't like how I looked," Hobo Johnson explains. "I guess still now I guess that's the case. Which is I think most people in life. That song's pretty much just for every person that thinks they're less than."

"Subaru Crosstrek XV"

"If you're in the market for a car, I think you should buy, a Crosstrek."

"Ode to Justin Bieber"

"We as a society, have been absolutely disrespectful to this man," Johnson shares about Justin Bieber. "It's unfair everything that we put him through as a person."

Hobo Johnson continues his tour across the country through the end of the month, closing out with two big hometown shows in Sacramento. In December he heads to Europe and Australia for a string of shows to close out the year.

The Fall of Hobo Johnson is now available everywhere.

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