Mark Hoppus to Blink-182 Fans: 'You All Mean the World to Me'

The bassist reflects on the power of music

September 16, 2019

“What do you love about music,” young journalist William Miller asks guitarist Russell Hammond at the end of the film “Almost Famous.” Hammond’s reply: “To begin with, everything.”

For Mark Hoppus, part of that “everything” is the impact Blink-182’s music has on their fans. The bassist/singer was in a reflective mood when he shared some words he had jotted down on the Notes app on his phone.

Hoppus said he had been thinking about the power of music for a while – specifically the experience of a live show.

"Words we wrote in a garage or studio or an idea scribbled down in the middle of the night, or written in the depths of self-doubt or despair," Hoppus began.
"To sing songs and have those songs sung back to us. A shared experience between everyone. It's amazing to see you smiling and laughing."

"Several times on this tour I've looked out during “Adam's Song” and seen people weeping crying and holding their friends or spouses," he continued. "Maybe remembering a lost friend or loved one, or a difficult time in one's life."

“To have a song bring strangers together to rejoice, to mourn, to remember. It’s awesome and humbling and it means the world to me. You all mean the world to me. Thank you.”

Blink-182’s tour with Lil’ Wayne continues through mid-October. The pop punk favorites have been playing Enema of the State in its entirely in honor of their breakthrough album’s 20th anniversary. The band is also preparing to release their new studio album NINE this Friday.