Mark Hoppus Explains How to Capitalize BLINK-182 Properly

Don't be a fake fan

October 30, 2019

Just a day after blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus chastized The New Yorker on Twitter for incorrectly stylizing the band's name, fans were shocked to see Hoppus seemingly go against his own style rules on Instagram.

In the quote tweet, Mark Hoppus calls The New Yorker a "fake fan" for writing the band's name as 'Blink-182', instructing that instead, "blink-182 has a lower-case b".

So when Hoppus posted the image below on Instagram, fans were quick to point out that capitalizing all the letters goes against his lower-case b rule. 

Hoppus was quick to respond.

"For all the pendants in the replies," the bassist commented just an hour after the initial post, "The b in blink-182 is lower case if the other letters are lower case and is upper case when ALL of the others are upper case." 

So there's the official ruling - when it comes to capitalization, it's all or nothing. Thanks blink-182 (or BLINK-182)!

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