Not So Silent Night: The Evolution of Albums With Jimmy Eat World

The band is back with their 10th studio LP 'Surviving'

December 5, 2019

25 years deep into an amazing career, Jimmy Eat World has a lot to look back on as we end another decade.

Backstage at RADIO.COM and ALT 92.3’s Not So Silent Night in Brooklyn, the band talked with Kevan Kenney about the way songwriting has changed over the years for them, which each new album being their "most honest album yet."

“When you start it’s kind of like, what you do sort of sounds like your record collection,” frontman Jim Adkins explains. “You’re just going and you don’t spend a whole lot of time analyzing why you’re going, but I think as you get older, especially if you’re with the same group of people, the reward that you get changes.”

That growth has been important to the band, leaning forward with guitars on their 10th studio album, Surviving, released earlier this year. “For us, there just has to be a reason that we’re doing it. So maybe that translates into the songs feeling more personal or more honest because it’s just, that’s the only way we can do this now.”

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