Scratch That, There's No New Green Day Music Coming Soon

The internet hype turned out to be incorrect

July 10, 2019

Yesterday, fans got completely swept away by rumors that a new Green Day song would premiere in just one short week. In an announcement on Kerrang! Radio, hosts assured that a new single from the alt rock icons would debut at 5 PM on July 19.

Now, Kerrang! magazine has reached out to Green Day reps to confirm the release… and boy do we have bad news for you. There’s “definitely no Green Day single any time soon,” a rep assured Kerrang.

Although nothing is premiering next week, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had previously revealed that work on their follow-up to 2016 album Revolution Radio is underway.

“I’m writing new songs for gd now,” he commented during an Instagram live video in December of 2018. We’ll be here waiting, and avoiding any more fake news about Green Day song releases.