Wallows didn’t even see each other while making their new EP

The EP is appropriately titled 'Remote'

October 23, 2020

Photo credit Nikoli Partiyelli

Working from home has its advantages. For one, sweatpants are an entirely acceptable outfit to wear to “the office.” There are disadvantages though. Real-time communication and collaboration is dependent on whatever video conference service you’re using.

Now imagine your line of work relies on you being perfectly in sync with your colleagues.

Wallows faced that challenge when it came to creating new music. However, their latest EP Remote is a testament to the fact amazing music can still be made even if your bandmates are miles and miles away.


"We never saw each other once before its completion,"  Dylan Minnette told People about the band’s new EP Remote.

"Lots of FaceTime calls to talk about it, and it was overall really fun and inspiring. It was kind of fun to not really have a vision and just let it find itself."

The Los Angeles-based band previously teased the news that they were working on a new project while in quarantine. Make no mistakes, their latest EP is a product of the pandemic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the songs are. “We had done a lot of writing over the past couple of years, so luckily we had a base of material to continue working on.” Cole Preston told RADIO.COM in an interview back in July.

“Some of the songs that we’ve been working on are our favorite songs that we’ve made and they wouldn’t have been made, at least in this form and some of them at all probably, if it wasn’t for quarantine,” Minnette added.

Now, these songs get to see the light of day with the release of the band’s fantastic and appropriately titled EP Remote. 

Wallows new EP Remote is available to purchase and stream now.

Remote tracklist:
1. Virtual Aerobics
2. Dig What You Dug
3. Nobody Gets Me (Like You)
4. Coastlines
5. Talk Like That
6. Wish Me Luck

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