Sound House 2019: The Regrettes Play Never Have I Ever (But They Often Have!)

All the tough questions...and there's no escape!

September 26, 2019

Sound House
If you follow LA punk band The Regrettes on social media, you'll know they are diehard gamers.

And we don't mean video games. We mean a game with consequences like Odds Are, where band members essentially offer each other odds on what it will take to make them perform an easy -- or almost impossible -- task.

It's a high stakes affair (hell, drummer Drew Thomsen actually got a LIP TATTOO because of the game!) -- so Audrey Lee challenged guitarist Genessa Gariano and Thomsen to a friendly round of the classic Never Have I Ever.

And yes, we got some interesting answers about Genessa's dating app practices and whether anybody committed the cardinal sin of dropping a deuce on the tour bus.

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