THE BINGE: Episode 1- Dirty John

March 9, 2020
ep 1

The most asked question of today: What should I watch next?? There's so much to choose from! So, let's help out one another. Each week Audrey will share a new must watch show! You can submit your favorites to her too, @AudreyOnAir. 

Episode 1 recommendation- Dirty John. 

NO SPOILERS!!! Dirty John is a true crime series based on the real life of John Meehan, and how he conned a millionaire woman (Debra Newell) into loving him and handing over all of her assets. By the end of this series you will feel so many emotions. How did she stay with him this long? Why is she not seeing what her family is seeing in this terrible guy? AND! HOLY CRAP HER POOR YOUNGEST DAUGHTER!!! Such a rollercoaster of feelings. 

Such a quick watch with only 8 episodes and 1 season you'll be able to binge this in a weekend easily.