THE BINGE: Episode 2- Don't F* With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

THE BINGE: Episode 2- Don't F* With Cats Hunting An Internet Killer

March 16, 2020
dont f with cats

THE BINGE- Episode 2 - Don't F* With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer.

I'm feeling the Las Vegas theme here! Last weeks show was , Dirty John, where we had a true story about Vegas local, Debra Newell, have her life flipped upside down by an online romance turned way wrong.

Moving on to this weeks show, Don't F* With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer, another True Crime story about Luka Magnotta... who was a serial killer that started by living up to the name of the show- messing with animals first. This show, in all honesty, was hard for me to swallow. I almsot never turned it on. I thought a few things:

1.) that I was going to see actual harm to animals.
2.) that THAT'S what the show was about.
Which, obviously it is. But, it's more about the stages and signs of being a killer FIRST. And, as many of us know, harming animals is one of the number one signs.

Back to the Las Vegas tie- Deanna Thompson, or known in the show by her alias, "Baudy Moovan", is a local who helped take down this prolific serial killer along with a facebook group of a few others. Without their information- it's uncertain whether or not he would have ever been caught. Watch it and let me know if you think it would have been possible? 

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