THE BINGE: Episode 3 "You"

Season 2 of "You" is out now. This is perfect time to tune in and play catch up

March 23, 2020

Season 2 of You is out (and has been out) and if you've been living uder a rock, now is the perfect time to tune in and play catch up!

Here's a ~loose~ recap of season 1 incase you've forgotten: szn 1 is dark, twisted, and there are a few love triangles that cause a LOT of stalker drama to happen. Oh yeah, the lead character Joe is a stalker ... and a killer ... but viewers LOVE him so much. I personally found myself rooting for him and his weirdo escapades. 

On to season 2: This szn is waaaaaaay different than 1. It's honestly upsetting to me and I wanted to stop watching around mid-season. A lot of people didn't feel the way I did though and liked the shift of Joe's character into a lighter (??) role. I mean, I say light loosely. He's still a killer and a stalker ... but it's all for his new love, Love. Yes, his new girlfriends name is Love, *barf*. She falls for his weird charm and is willing to go to the dark side (sick star wars reference Audrey *high fives self*) for their relationship. So that means ... GIANT FREAKING PLOT TWIST (don't click that plot twist link if you don't want spoilers, but if you've already seen it ... click it.) I didn't see it coming at all either and THAT TWIST left me excited for season 3. 

All in all, it was a rollercoaster of like to dislike for me but now I'm hooked and invested and have to push through. 

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