Bob Moses Has to Be the Best Band Ever to Meet in a Lowe's Parking Lot

The Canadian duo perform two songs from their excellent album 'Battle Lines'

February 5, 2019

"We did meet in a Lowe's parking lot" says Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses. "We're still waiting for that endorsement."

The two musicians originally from Vancouver, found each other by the hardware store in New York because it was so close to their recording studio. Vallance and Tom Howie actually went to school together in Canada, but it was between pickup trucks and carts that they first really connected. 

"We did run into each other in this parking lot, and it was kinda like when two Canadians in a big New York city run into each other you kind of have this time stand still moment" adds Vallance. "And now we're a band, it's great."

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In the interview above, the duo detail their first meeting and their shift in view that helped make their album Battle Lines different. After spilling a lot of self into 2015's Days Gone By, the two wanted to share more communal feelings after seeing more of the world. "We thought that it'd be interesting on this record to sort of discuss the struggles and battles that we all face, everywhere, no matter where we're from. Traveling so much gave us an insight into doing that."

It's that strong songwriting and sense of purpose that has helped build the profile of Bob Moses, pushing their electronic sound past genre barriers and even netting them a GRAMMY Award.

Watch the full interview above with Bob Moses to learn more about their meeting, and the evolution that went into Battle Lines. The band will continue to tour Europe this year, along with several festival stops across the US this summer. You can find a full list of dates here.

Along with the talk, we also saw the group in action. The band played two intimate exclusives of Battle Lines standouts. Watch them perform "Heaven Only Knows" and "Back Down" below.