WORLD PREMIERE: Of Monsters and Men Turn It Up for "Alligator"

The "first of many songs to come" from the Icelandic band

May 2, 2019
Of Monsters and Men - Alligator


After days of teasing with photos of Alfie The Albino Alligator and old advertisements for Florida's Gatorland, Of Monsters and Men have finally revealed their new song "Alligator."

The band is back after several years away, and with "Alligator" they burst out of the pen just like the hungry reptile. With a fresh injection of intensity, lead singer Nanna trades sultry sneers and biting vocals before the drums kick in like an assault. "Alligator" is restless and alive. It's Of Monsters and Men cranked louder than we're used to, a different kind of grand and epic climb from the Iceland band.

On Thursday, Of Monsters and Men previewed "Alligator" as "the first of many songs to come." It is their first new music since their stellar sophomore effort Beneath the Skin was released in 2015. The song acts as an invitation to the new ideals of the band that drives thier upcoming third album Fever Dream

By taking time to explore their sound and eliminating roles within the band, Of Monsters and Men have given themselves the flexibility to push it to the extremes. According to a release, the band deconstructed their whole process while making this album by writing seperately and no longer feeling assigned to instruments. The first results are in, and they are impressive.

"Alligator" by Of Monsters and Men is a RADIO.COM World Premiere, which means you can hear it here first and all throughout the day.