The Beatdown 2018 Hall Of Fame Championship Tournament - Week of 12/17/18

You choose the Ultimate Beatdown Song of 2018 by voting!

December 10, 2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device!

It's all about New Music in THE BEATDOWN w/ Pauly Kover, weeknights on X107.5. We play NEW songs back-to-back and then YOU get to vote. All this week, we're featuring the songs that won 10 nights in a row to enter The Beatdown Hall Of Fame in an 11 band single elimination tournament to crown the ULTIMATE Beatdown Champion of 2018!

***RULES - Both songs will air at their assigned date / time & you will have 60 minutes to vote. You can vote for your favorite by...

1) Calling 702-791-1075

2) Texting the Centennial Toyota Text Line 7-3-1-0-0 (Msg & Data rates may apply).

Only 1 vote per method. At 10PM PST, the winners will be announced each night.***

Below is a breakdown of the tournament. Seed placement is decided by the amount of votes recieved in their prior match-ups...

Round 1: Monday 12/17

7PM PST - (8) Kitten “I Did It” vs (9) Everlast “Don’t Complain”

WINNER: Everlast “Don’t Complain” w/ 67% of the vote & returning Tuesday 8PM!

8PM PST - (7) Stokeswood “Walls”​ vs (10) Parade Of Lights “Tidal Waves”

WINNER: Stokeswood “Walls”​ w/ 94% of the vote & returning Wednesday 8PM!

9PM PST - (6) Madyx “Girl Boy” vs (11) Cemetery Sun “Stay A While”

WINNER: Madyx “Girl Boy” w/ 94% of the vote & returning Wednesday 9PM!


Round 2 (Quarter Finals): Tuesday 12/18

8PM PST - (1) ORGY “Army To Your Party” vs (9) Everlast “Don’t Complain”

WINNER: ORGY “Army To Your Party” w/ 76% of the vote & returning Thursday 8PM!

9PM PST - (4) Silversage “Wake Up” vs (5) Trapdoor Social “Hold Me Down”

WINNER: Silversage “Wake Up” w/ 66% of the vote & returning Thursday 8PM!


Round 2 (Quarter Finals - continued): Wednesday 12/19

8PM PST - (2) Morgxn “Carry The Weight” vs (7) Stokeswood “Walls”​

WINNER: Stokeswood “Walls”​ w/ 90% of the vote & returning Thursday 9PM!

9PM PST - (3) Fitness “Matter Of Time” vs (6) Madyx “Girl Boy”

WINNER: Madyx “Girl Boy” w/ 93% of the vote & returning Thursday 9PM!


Round 3 (Semi Finals): Thursday 12/20

8PM PST - (1) ORGY “Army To Your Party” vs (4) Silversage “Wake Up”

WINNER: ORGY “Army To Your Party” w/ 75% of the vote & returning Friday 9PM!

9PM PST - (7) Stokeswood “Walls”​ vs (6) Madyx “Girl Boy”

WINNER: Madyx “Girl Boy” w/ 63% of the vote & returning Friday 9PM!


Round 4 (Finals): Friday 12/21

9PM PST - (1) ORGY “Army To Your Party” vs (6) Madyx “Girl Boy”

WINNER & ULTIMATE BEATDOWN CHAMPION OF 2018: Madyx “Girl Boy” w/ 65% of the vote! CONGRATULATIONS!!!