The Beatdown

The Beatdown w/ Pauly - Week of 09/17/2018

You choose your favorite new song by voting!

September 17, 2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device!

It's all about New Music in THE BEATDOWN w/ Pauly Kover, weeknights at 9PM on X107.5. We play NEW songs back-to-back and then YOU get to vote. Winner moves on to the next night against another NEW song with hopes of winning 10 nights in a row & entering The Beatdown Hall Of Fame… 

***RULES - Both songs will air at 9PM PDT and from 9-10PM, you can vote for your favorite by...

1) Calling 702-791-1075

2) Texting the Centennial Toyota Text Line 7-3-1-0-0 (Msg & Data rates may apply).

Only 1 vote per method. At 10PM, the votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced.***

Below is a list of this week's artists that are competing for the Championship....

MON 9/17 - Champion Everlast “Don’t Complain” (7 wins) vs Max Frost “Good Morning” vs Colly “Shelter Me” 

WINNER: Everlast “Don’t Complain” w/ 72% of the vote! (Max Frost - 3%, Colly 25%)

TUE 9/18 - Champion Everlast “Don’t Complain” (8 wins) vs Two Feet ft Madison Love “Hurt People” vs Mike Posner “Song About You”

WINNER: Everlast “Don’t Complain” w/ 95% of the vote! (Two Feet - 2.5%, Mike Posner - 2.5%)

WED 9/19 - Champion Everlast “Don’t Complain” (9 wins -  1 more to enter the HOF) vs Brick + Mortar “Saturday Night” vs Hozier “Nina Cried Power”

WINNER & HOF INDUCTEE: Everlast “Don’t Complain” w/ 82% of the vote! (Brick + Mortar - 12%, Hozier - 6%)

THU 9/20 - The Smashing Pumpkins “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)” vs Watsky “All Like Whatever”

WINNER & NEW CHAMPION: The Smashing Pumpkins “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”​ w/ 53% of the vote & returning Monday to defend the Title!



THE BEATDOWN 2018 HOF INDUCTEES: Fitness “Matter Of Time”Parade Of Lights “Tidal Waves”, Cemetery Sun “Stay A While”Stokeswood “Walls”​Kitten “I Did It”Morgxn “Carry The Weight”, ORGY “Army To Your Party” & Everlast “Don’t Complain” (All HOFers are entered into the end of the year Championship Tournament)