Twenty One Pilots Like the New Air Pods, Dislike Making Music Videos and Want Unlimited 'Cheese'

Before their October 30 concert in Las Vegas, Tyler and Josh took questions from fans during an X107.5 press conference

October 31, 2019

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are greeted with applause from the roomful of listeners who were lucky enough to be selected for an intimate Q&A with Twenty One Pilots. As they sit down, the attention immediately shifts to their new prized possessions: AirPods Pro.

“Are you gonna perform with those?” Dun asks Joseph, repeating Ross’s question. “Yes, I am.” Joseph replies without hesitation. And then it’s down to business answering the tough questions fans came up with.

Tyler and Josh may have hundreds of millions of views for their music videos, but they revealed that they really don’t like making them very much. It’s less about the music and too much like actual – work.

“The closest thing that comes to manual labor for us is music video day,” Joseph explained. “Even us playing a show tonight – two hours, we’re gonna focus, we’re gonna give everything we have, it’s physically demanding, mentally demanding. But the truth is, it’s two hours and each song is a passing moment that you can manage your energy for. For a music video, it’s one song and it’s all day long. They play the same song over and over, and everything you’re doing, every tiny detail of your performance is being captured – it’s on camera. And so you’re overthinking everything.”

Tyler and Josh don’t take it for granted that they’ve made it big as musicians, though. Joseph acknowledged that not many people get to do what they do, and they’re not really sure what else they’d be doing if it didn’t work out. But the longtime friends from Ohio do know they’d still be doing something together.

“I think in a sense we got lucky that it worked out, because if music didn’t work out like it doesn’t work out for a lot of people who are just as good as us if not better, that question honestly scares us; we don’t know what we would be doing,” Joseph said. “This solved a lot of issues for us. We’re just proud and honored to be able to do something like this for a living.”

“I don’t think we really thought about it all that much either,” Dun added. “Sometimes we’d be in the van and be like ‘what if this doesn’t work’ and I’d be like ‘I don’t know. Let’s go eat something.’”

Watch more in the video above, where Tyler and Josh also talk about why they’re picky about who they collaborate with, and why they take being role models seriously.