The Arctic Monkeys Cover The Strokes’ “Is This It”

They recently live debuted a song and a new Alex Turner ‘do

July 25, 2018
Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys

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We’re not sure if we’re more excited about this cover, “The Ultracheese’s” TV debut or Alex Turner’s new haircut.

At their recent Forest Hills, NY tour stop, the Arctic Monkeys busted out a cover of The Strokes’ “Is This It.” Alex Turner essentially turned into a member of The Strokes by shifting into a Julian Casablancas-style vocal for his take on the song.

Watch their performance below:   


Wondering when Turner lost his signature, long brown hair? The frontman debuted his fresh hairdo on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert while performing “The Ultracheese” on TV for the first time.

Watch the laid-back, black-and-white performance below: