Twenty One Pilots Reflect On How Their First Show Got Busted by Cops

From stadium shows to a backyard gig

May 29, 2019
Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots performs at the Forum on November 10, 2018 in Inglewood, California

Kevin Winter, Getty

Twenty One Pilots are currently selling out stadiums across the globe. Despite their current domination, the band wasn’t always quite this successful. 

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the powerhouse duo reflected on their less-than-ideal first gig. "We got one song in, and it got shut down by the police," drummer Josh Dun explained.

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The set took place in their hometown. What like, at a bar or something, you ask? Nope, in "somebody's backyard."

"Before the police came, I remember thinking how exhausted I was after one song. Over time you learn to budget energy within a set."

Their larger-than-life sets are now filled with perfectly-balanced energy. After the release of Trench, Twenty One Pilots further elevated their already incredible live set with a burning car onstage, incredible performances, and even better fans.

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We wish we could say that their first time hearing themselves on the radio was better than their first show, but that’s unfortunately not the case… “We were driving to go get something to eat, and the radio was on very low… Then I heard a very familiar sound kind of subtly falling through the stereo next to me in the back seat. And I was like, why is my roommate playing my CD?”

Get the full story in the video below.