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@DaveAndMahoney: What Are Your Pet Peeves

Someone chewing with their mouth open, clicking of pens, what's your biggest pet peeve? Submit your annoyances to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney.
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old days

@DaveAndMahoney: Kids These Days Will Never Understand

Kids today will never understand the struggle of dial up or having to wait for the DJ to play your favorite song on the radio so you could record it. What's a struggle from your past that you'll never forget? Share it with us to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney!
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angry fans

@DaveAndMahoney: Vegas Golden Knights Fans Are HEATED

Breaking news came through this morning! Vegas Gold Knights have fired their head coach, Gerard Gallant. He will be replaced by Peter DeBoer. Fans have mixed feelings.... let us know what you think about this change on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. To add to the dramatics, this morning's Alternative...
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social media annoying

@DaveAndMahoney: Things That Annoy You On Social Media

This is your moment to get it all out... @DaveandMahoney want to know what your BIGGEST social media pet peeves are. @Ian_E_Radio talks to random strangers at a laundry mat again for a new episode of, Dirty Laundry. (Did that guy really say what we think he did about his cousin??)
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Audrey Punked Mahoney During Alternative Theater

Audrey may or may not have planned something during Alternative Theater knowing how mad it would make Mahoney, but he absolutely got his revenge.
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Dave And Mahoney: How Much Do You Spoil Your Pets?

Dave and Mahoney want to know: How badly do you spoil your pets? One listener said that she prepares her dog organic grass fed meals and takes them to the spa monthly, but she eats hotdogs and hasn't been to the spa in years. Another episode of Alternative Theater leaves Mahoney BEGGING you not to...
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Dave and Mahoney Pick Which Horror Film They Want To Be In

If you could pick to be taken out by any horror film icon, which one would it be? The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show help find love with a new feature of Missed Connection Inspection. The guys also get their acting on in Alternative Theater.
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Mahoney Really Likes Sweet Potato Pie, Just Ask Him!

You know when it's so hot outside and your wife drags you out to the pumpkin patch with your kids to get rotten pumpkins and hang around carnies? Yeah, falls not so great then. The Dave and Mahoney Morning show talk all reasons to hate fall, a new episode of Atlernative Theater is here to give you...
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Dave and Mahoney Buy Some Weird Stuff When They're Messed Up

Audrey had one-too-many and bought herself a mini putting green for her bathroom
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Dave and Mahoney Ask What You Wanted To Be Growing Up

You know being a full-time ninja does not pay that well, right?
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