Dave Is Banned from Blockbuster For LIFE

We find out about crazy things people have done to get kicked out of places.... and even find out that Dave has been banned from Blockbuster for LIFE. The morning show plays "Who's Got the Warrant" and Audrey for sure that it was the dude with no teeth.
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X Ambassadors with Ian

OBC 2019: X Ambassadors Preview New Songs, Debut Live “Confidence” With K.Flay

It was a real treat for the X107.5 listeners at The Barbershop as the guys introduced three new songs off the band’s upcoming album Orion before the record drops next week.
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SHEAD with Ian

OBC 2019: SHAED Ride the “Trampoline” to Success

Land a single at no. 1 on the Billboard charts -- and everything changes. Just ask Chelsea, Spencer and Max of SHAED.
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SYML with Ian

OBC 2019: SYML's Debut Album Hit Last Month...is Another Already on the Way?

The uninitiated got a chance to join the SYML phenomena firsthand with the indie darling's first Las Vegas show as part of Night 1 of OBC 2019 .
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vinyl record

The 4 Record Store Day 2019 Releases You Have to Grab

Oh record collectors! Oh record collectors! Have ye your wallets? Have ye your purchases picked for Record Store Day 2019? I’ve narrowed down the list, compiling my 4 most anticipated releases.
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Ian's Ranch Bong Challenge

Ian' s Ranch Bong Challenge

It's international Ranch Day so you have to see what Ian tried to get people to do.
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Holiday Havoc 2018: Barns Courtney

Holiday Havoc 2018: Barns Courtney Hates Gambling and Killed a Guy...Maybe

Barns and Ian have one of the widest-ranging interviews in Holiday Havoc history. See it now...
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Holiday Havoc 2018: Grandson

Holiday Havoc 2018: Grandson Reveals All!

With a new tour on the way in 2019, the "Blood//Water" singer rolled into Vegas to play Holiday Havoc 2018 on a wave of building popularity...so Ian asked about his whirlwind ascent.
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