lebouf or lestage


@DaveAndMahoney: DIY's Gone Wrong

What DIY project have you taken on and realized later you weren't cut out for the job?? One listener told us that they caused a major thousand dollar issue just from vacuuming the house! Send your stories here: @DaveandMahoney. Show features: #CoverYourEars #LeBoufOrLeStage and #KarenChronicles
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@DaveAndMahoney: What's Something You Used To Be Really Good At But Couldn't Do Now If You Tried

What's something you used to be REALLY great at but now you couldn't even attempt it if you tried??? Submit your answers here: @DaveandMahoney. Show features include: #LeBoufOrLeStage and #BleepedBS
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@DaveandMahoney: Tispy or Toddler??

Was that something that was said by a tipsy person or a toddler??? Help the show decide: @DaveandMahoney.
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