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Dave and Mahoney Ask What You Wanted To Be Growing Up

You know being a full-time ninja does not pay that well, right?
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Dave and Mahoney Want to Know What You Don't Spend Money On

You were going to make the $100 purchase...until you noticed the $5 shipping cost
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Skid Marks, Bad Nicknames and Embarrassing School Moments With Dave and Mahoney

You can't blame it on the dog when you're at school
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Dave and Mahoney Don't Want to Fade Into Oblivion

White Claw Wednesday!
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Dave and Mahoney refuse to celebrate Mahoney's birthday

You don't need the internet is your in an igloo hot tub in Sweden, Dave!
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Dave and Mahoney ask about the times you were 86'd

Imagine being attacked by a methed out hippo.
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