@DaveandMahoney: What's Your Moving Out Story?

how did you move out? send your stories here: @daveandmahoney
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@DaveAndMahoney: Karen, Why Are You So Angry?

Make sure you're following along with the show every morning during our virtual broadcast! Tune in @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #CoverYourEars #KarenChronicles #CageOrStage
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@DaveAndMahoney: Everyone Has That "We Stayed Out Until The Sun Came Up" Story

When was the last time you were up until the sun started to rise? Send your stories here: @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #AreYouSmarter, #TipsyOrToddler, and #FakeNewsFarra
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@DaveAndMahoney: What's the Worst Fight You've Gotten Into Because of a Video Game?

What's the craziest fight you've ever gotten into over a video game?? Submit your stories here: @daveandmahoney. Show features: #BlooperReel #CelebDread and #Beerforbreakfast
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@DaveAndMahoney: We've All Done Some Dumb Things To Impress Someone We Liked

What dumb things did you do to impress friends/the opposite sex growing up?? Show features: #BlooperReel #FastFoodFreakouts
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@DaveAndMahoney: DIY's Gone Wrong

What DIY project have you taken on and realized later you weren't cut out for the job?? One listener told us that they caused a major thousand dollar issue just from vacuuming the house! Send your stories here: @DaveandMahoney. Show features: #CoverYourEars #LeBoufOrLeStage and #KarenChronicles
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@DaveAndMahoney: If You Could Swap Lives With Anyone Who Would It Be With And Why

A lot of listeners said that they would switch lives with their husbands just to see what it would be like to be a dude for a day. If you could trade bodies with anyone for a day, who would it be? Submit your answers here: @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #TipsyOrToddler, #AreYouSmarter, and #...
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@DaveAndMahoney: Teachers We Appreciate You And We're So Sorry We Were Bad Students

It's #TeacherAppreciationWeek! We want to know all the ways you were a terrible student. (And thank you to the teachers who put up with us as kids!) Sund your stories here: @DaveAndMahoney. Show Features: #MovieQuoteQuiz and #MissedConnectionInspection
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@DaveAndMahoney: What Are You Paranoid About?

We're all paranoid about something that's going on right now. Maybe it's UFO's or your neighbor is starting to behave a little weird.... submit your answers in here: @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #CoverYourEars and the #KarenChronicles
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@DaveAndMahoney: What's The Weirdest Thing You've Seen Used As A Weapon?

What's the weirdest thing you've seen used as a weapon? Send your reponses here: @DaveAndMahoney. Show Features: #BlooperReel, #InternetIsAwesome, and a special thanks to Craft Haus for providing us an amazing #BeerForBreakfast today! The All Together IPA from Craft Haus was brewed to support...
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