Redneck Report

Mahoney got into a fight with patio furniture. Who do you think won?

Who steals an electric chair and bed of nails?
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Dave makes his triumphant return...and he has a shirt on!

Are we sure that Bulgaria exists?
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Mahoney and Ian feel the need...the need for speed

Mahoney drops some fat guy life hacks!
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Shirtless talk

Mahoney Talks Shirtless Photos and Lays Down the Bird Law

We don't want any meth-gators!
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DAM Moments

If you're super 100 perecntative postive, you're probably a little drunk. We play Tipsy or Toddler Tipsy or Toddler / 06-18-2018 Find out who was this week's Super Stupid Spelling Bee champion. Super Stupid Spelling Bee / 06-18-2018 On the Redneck Report, a man threatens to kill his neighbors...
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