Emerge 2019: Four Reasons to Be First In Line for the ‘Hope x Human’ Event

Of all the panels and performances we’re dying to see at the second annual Emerge Impact + Music festival, the May 31 opening night “Hope x Human” welcome party is right up there near the top.
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Black Keys, Vampire Weekend Top 2019 Life is Beautiful Lineup

Pack up the El Camino and plan a trip to Downtown Las Vegas because the 2019 Life is Beautiful lineup is here.
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Emerge Festival 2019: No Man's Land: Meet the Women Taking Over Hip-Hop

It’s been a long time coming, but hip-hop is no longer an exclusive boys’ club.
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Emerge Festival 2019: 9 Powerful Anthems From the Lineup

The musical showcases and events will focus on themes of Protest, Self, Brave and Sex
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