Sound House

Bastille; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Bastille on Festival Season, Marshmello and...New Album?

Bastille only landed in Las Vegas an hour before their Sound House 2018 appearance...but with just a few hours to go before their set at Life is Beautiful, Dan Smith and the guys were ready for anything on the Inspire Theater stage.
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Superorganism, Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Superorganism...What Else Can We Say?

If you're down with the strange international musical collective known as Superorganism ...well, even its most ardent fans realize this is a band that isn't for everyone.
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Mt. Joy; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Meet Mt. Joy, the Band That Almost Wasn't

Matt Quinn was supposed to finish law school...but a chance meeting and an unexpected Spotify hit later, he's fronting his own band.
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The Drax Project; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: The Drax Project Do Cultural Exchange

The Drax Project , a New Zealand foursome with a jazz-tinged pop sound, were enjoying their first trip ever to Las of course they had to take a cheeky hoon on the pokies. What?
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Yungblud; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Yungblud Takes Las Vegas

Dominic Harrison, an in-your-face, high-energy, motor-mouthed 20-year-old from England now known as Yungblud, is a burst of pure late 70's punk personified in a 2018 package.
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Welshly Arms; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Welshly Arms Are a Working Man's Band

When you're a six-member band with a sound as diverse as Welshly Arms, it's even tough for the band to explain who and what they are to newcomers.
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Logan Henderson; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Logan Henderson Speaks...Will Big Time Rush Reunite?

It's never easy transitioning from a pop group to being a stand-alone solo artist, but Logan Henderson is proving he may have the chops to survive the shift.
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Lovelytheband; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Lovelytheband Owe It All to Booze, Wings and Instagram

Lovelytheband has seen a pretty meteoric rise the past two years...b ut would you believe what a huge role Instagram played in getting the guys together in the first place?
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Tom McFarland of Jungle; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Jungle's Tom McFarland on Why Now is Time for "For Ever"

Four years after their debut album garnered worldwide attention, the neo-soul duo known as Jungle are finally back with a new record.
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Dinah Jane; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Dinah Jane Comes to Sleep?

Not many 21-year-olds come to Las Vegas for a solid eight hours of sleep. Of course, most 21-year-olds aren't on a high-octane promotional tour like pop star Dinah Jane .
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