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@DaveAndMahoney: What Fantasy Land Do You Wish You Lived In?

We all kind of need an escape from reality right now, right? If you could live anywhere right now, where would it be? Some where in the Harry Potter world? Maybe Star Wars? Send your responses here: @DaveandMahoney.
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@DaveAndMahoney: Know Someone Being Fake On Social Media?

Episode 981: Photoshop, Money Flexing, and The Person Who's Married but Acts Single... We All Know That ONE Fake Person On Social Media. Call out the fakes you know and send it to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney.
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Dave And Mahoney: Cringe Things You Did As A Kid

What's the one thing you did when you were younger that still makes you cringe?? Dave and Mahoney should definitely be in prison for their stories. New edition of Dirty Laundry and todays guest tells us she kissed her step brother!!!
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Warning!! Today's Who's Got the Warrent is the scariest and most intense yet. Almost as scary as what Mahoney told us he tried to hide from his exes in response to today's question: What's something you hid from your dates in order to impress them?
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What Is Mahoney Afraid Of Touching The Toilet Seat?

Real quote from Mahoney, "I don't want to live in a post apocolyptic world without blistex and wet wipes." We also find what he absolutely doesn't want touching the toilet seat.
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Mahoney Wrecked His Forehead To Break World Record

In a new game, Record Wreckers, Mahoney tries to break the world record for most pencils broken on his face. The outcome isn't a victory and neither is what happened to his forehead afterwards. OUCH! Firestone Napa Parabola was today's Beer for Breakfast and it has the highest rating of any beer...
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Dave And Mahoney: Weird Stuff Your Grandparents Do

We all have some weirdo Grandparents, right? Dave and Mahoney want to know how crazy your grandparents are. One listener told the show that their grandma had a weird clown facination. It's friday!!! So that means another Beer For Breakfast. On todays menu, Willy Time White Ale.
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Dave and Mahoney: What Are You Hiding From A First Date

What do you make sure to keep secret when you first start dating someone? One listener told Dave and Mahoney that she's been hiding her guy friends from her boyfriend since day 1!! On today's Karen Chronicles one Karen has a problem with Trader Joes. Only a Karen would hate a grocery store.
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Mahoney or MahANIMAL??

Mahoney or MahANIMAL? Which one is your fave? We have a new beer featured on Beer For Breakfast that Audrey drank in two seconds flat (it was that good). Dave and Mahoney also want to know your weirdest Uber/Lyft/Cab stories.
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